Thursday, November 17, 2011

a sortof random blanket apology

I went to my cousin's sweet baby blessing on Sunday and it occurred to me that there are a few choice friends of you out there that we would have loved to invite to Boston's baby blessing but were not able to, and I never explained this very well.

Explanation: because our place is so small, we didn't have room here to entertain a post-blessing gathering, nor do we have family really close by who could do the hosting for us. So we decided to ask my aunt and uncle if we could do the blessing there. They graciously agreed. Then we started thinking who we could invite since it was not our place and my parents had volunteered to prepare food. After we had counted all the folks, we had 52 persons who were just family, and quite a few more who we wanted to invite beyond that... ay. But when you are relying on the graciousness of others, sometimes you opt to do things differently than you would otherwise, so as not to take advantage of their kindness. So we decided to just have family since there were so many people.

So there it is. Next time (should we ever again reproduce) we'll make it so we can have a larger crowd, but I wanted to 'splain the reason for what may have seemed a great neglect. I am sorry and we do so love our friends here... next time we'll be better at this stuff. Parenthood is such a guessing game sometimes!



  1. Yes we apologize for not inviting you too. It's just not one of those life events worth traveling more than 20 mins for.

  2. serious, I'm still waiting for my invitation